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The Revino concept was born out of a passion for wine and developed alongside the exploration of local wineries. We have a database of over 180 Romanian wineries, from all around the country, with informations about the main indigenous grape varieties, the wines and the people behind them.

We have shared the story of Romanian wine online, on the platforms and, as well as at the Revino Bucharest Wine Show, an annual show that brings together dozens of wine producers and thousands of lovers of the elixir extracted from carefully selected grapes. Visitors to the event can both learn more about local wineries and Romanian wine, and also find out how to visit the vineyards.

We are an experienced team, 100% dedicated to our work and wine born from passion. We present premium wines to the public and host related events to professional standards. We stand ready to offer local wineries services to help their development and evolution, from promotion and event organization to photographic projects. Our goal: to give Romanian wine its rightful place.


Alina Iancu founder Revino

Alina Iancu │ Founder & Managing Director

The Revino concept was created by Alina Iancu, whose journey of discovery of Romanian wines now goes back more than 10 years. Her passion has taken her to all the wine regions of Romania. She has visited more than 85 local wineries, as well as others from countries with a tradition in the field. She has drawn up a bilingual wine map, made a film about wine and gastronomy, and has specialized in local wine tourism. She undertakes extensive projects to promote Romanian wine, from profile events and communication to photo production.


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