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Sarbova Village, Timis County





for the love of people and the earth



branza curtea culorilor


Those who do good attract the world’s attention without meaning to. We’re referring to the good we can do in society through love of people and the earth.


Some 34 km from the city of Timisoara, in the village of Sarbova, is the Curtea Colorilor (Court of Colours), an association founded in 2011, by Italian and Romanian members of the Ecclesial Carmelite Movement (MEC), to give a home and future to young people with no family. The association has bought two houses with adjoining farmland, while a third is being built for summer activities and meetings.


Here we met Adriana Formenti who, alongside the young people in her care, produces fresh and matured cheeses. Adriana discovered the recipes, which are from Italy, while working for a cheese producer in Lombardy.


The association’s cheeses are brought together at wine events in Timisoara, where we tasted them for the first time two years ago. You can also order them for home delivery. And you will find Adriana, almost every weekend, with the special cheese storage van, at the mobile market at the Dan Paltinisanu Stadium in Timisoara.


The cheeses are made from the milk of the five cows in the garden and are fed with grass from the meadows around the village. The rennet is made from calf and is natural, while the fermenters come from yogurt. So the cheeses are made from milk, horseradish, natural calf rennet and salt.


Having started with three types of ripened cheeses (Sarbova, Tondello and Tomasar), over time the association has developed and increased its range of matured products. But they also have three types of fresh Ricotta, baked Ricotta and Stracchino. And Caciotta is another mature cheese produced plain or with various flavours.


Try pairing these cheeses, both fresh and plain matured, with dry white wines, even brut or extra brut sparkling ones. Cheeses flavoured with spices work well with reds. And why not try accompanying them with tea or beer?



Find out more about the products here:





Alina Iancu, 23/10/2019



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