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The Atelier range is a soul project for Hochland Romania, born from the desire to bring artisanal products to the market, whose splendid taste can enhance the special moments of our lives. The name Atelier (Artisanal) was chosen to convey the best of the cheeses in this range.



To achieve the full taste of Praid Cheese, the makers start by preserving the character of the manufacturing area, Sovata, through the fresh milk of local cows. The milk is pasteurised and then imbued with a series of unique lactic cultures, which give the cheese its complex flavour and taste. The coagulated milk is carefully shaped into cheese wheels which are then dipped in brine. The wheels are then left to air for two days, and then ripen in the Praid salt mine, 50 meters below ground, for a minimum of two months.


Why a salt mine?


In the Praid salt mine, Harghita County, large underground holes have formed following the salt extraction. The Praid Cheese wheels are stored in one of these "gaps" and processed into a hard fermented cheese.



The recipes for the varieties of Praid Cheese are unique in their combination of a specific mix of cultures and maturation in the special air strongly ionised from saline, at a constant temperature between 14-16ºC, low humidity and a higher atmospheric pressure than on the surface. The constant temperature from the saline plays a crucial role in the production of this kind of cheese; for other types of cheese, including fermented, this ripening temperature would be too high.


The Praid Natur and Wine-Matured assortments are Tilsit-type cheeses, while the Praid Cremoasa Cheese is like a Maasdam. Wine pairing depends on individual preferences, as well as the time of serving. But as we have tried the cheese at various wine tastings, here are some recommendations from experts.


Praid Cremoasa (creamy) Cheese goes well with sparkling wines made the traditional way, like Chardonnay, but also Feteasca Regala. Natural Praid can be combined with dry aromatic whites such as Chardonnay or Feteasca Regala, or why not try one from Transylvania, where the cheese is produced? But don't rule out a sparkling wine.


When it comes to a Praid Cheese with Wine, a red would work well, say a Feteasca Neagra, or other international variety. The three cheeses can be found in larger supermarkets in 200g packages and at the deli counter (in 3,250g half wheels).


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Alina Iancu, 23/10/2019




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