Lactate Torockoi

Coltesti, Alba County


  Lactate Torockoi, Colțești, Alba, Transilvania



Transylvania is proud of its beautiful places and unique gastronomic flavours, products of the skill of its people and the diversity of the Carpathian arc. Over time, the region’s inhabitants, its terroir, and the influence of neighbouring peoples, have all contributed to its uniqueness.


Lactate Torockoi (Torockoi Dairy) has made dairy products in its factory in Colțești, Alba county, in the Trascău Mountains, for over 25 years. The dairy is owned by a local family who went on to invest in house with accommodation and restaurant, Secuiesc Mansion (Conacul Secuiesc), which is now one of the area’s main tourist attractions.



Lactate Torockoi products are the result of long experience, supported by international equipment, technological processes and recipes, mainly Swiss. The processed milk (cow’s) is collected from farmers in the Trascău basin. Cheeses take their names from local mountains or production recipes, and the portfolio includes Apuseni, Trascău, Trascău Parmesan, and Trascău Stinky Cheese, as well as Tilsit, Trapist and Burduf. The dairy also produces cheeses matured with spices.


At the end of 2018, the production of a new type of brie-style cheese began, based on a French recipe. We fell in love with Floare de Colț (Corner Flower), a semi-soft mature cheese with white mould. We generally serve it straight, accompanied by walnuts and sparkling wine, but sometimes in the oven with herbs and jam.


Telemea, bell peppers, cheese, melted cheese, fresh cheese, butter and sour cream are also produced under the Torockoi brand.


Which wines go well with these cheeses? Mostly subtle or sparkling white wines. However, if you are tasting extra mature cheeses or those containing pepper, chilli or truffles, go for a red.


Fans of Torockoi cheeses can pick them from the shop at the entry to the Secuiesc Mansion Colțești courtyard (Colțești, Alba county). Lactate Torockoi products are also sold in Auchan and Metro, the Petry, Mariflor and Moldovan chains, and in many other grocery stores in major cities around the country.


Sate your curiosity and discover these cheeses at their home in Transylvania. Go for a meal at the Szekler Mansion, or anywhere in the area, climb the Trascăului Fortress, take a walk through Rimetea. You won’t regret it!





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