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Whether you’re after a simple family snack, a tasting at a special event, or an ingredient suited to various dishes, cheese made by Cund-based Manufactura de Brânză (Cheese Maker) will fit the bill. Cheese made here, in the heart of Transylvania, an hour from Târgu Mureș, is based on an alpine recipe often used in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


"The lactic cultures we use are the alpine type, which results in a cheese matured with an alpine note. In summer it reflects the pasture, and in winter, the hay from our meadows," says Istvan Varga, the specialist owner of this small production workshop.


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The processed milk is from the company’s own farm, from cows who graze on the pasture in the warm months, and feed on natural fodder produced on the farm in winter.


We produce only one type of matured cheese, for different periods, with maturation enriching the taste and aroma.


The cheese is matured in the cellar – custom-built for the making and maturing of hard cheese – under optimum temperature and humidity conditions. The cheese maker is required to return and wash the cheese wheels on a daily basis.


The cheese produced can be natural, aged in wine, but also with various spices, herbs, beer, or charcoal.


If you’re in the area, call ahead and you can book a visit to the factory.


The products can be purchased online from, as well as from Bacania Veche and Hambar Bistro in Bucharest and Bacania Boierească in Suceava.


The cheese goes beautifully with wine or beer. Dry white wines suit the natural cheese, or even cheese flavoured with wild garlic or basil. For cheeses aged in wine, with pepper, nuts or chilli and chocolate, opt for red. We also tried craft beer which was a big hit.





Alina Iancu, 14/10/2019




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