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Cooperativa Agricola Somes-Aries, Taga Cheese | Romanian Cheesemakers

Cooperativa Agricola Somes-Aries, Taga Cheese

Taga, Cluj County

The story of Țagacheese takes us back to distant times, centuries ago, when the nobleman Schilling’s shepherds stole part of a sheep's hide and hid it in a nearby cave. A few weeks later the nobleman found the cheese in the cave and tasted it to see if it was still edible. The cheese was...

Lactate Torockoi | Romanian Cheesemakers

Lactate Torockoi

Coltesti, Alba County

Transylvania is proud of its beautiful places and unique gastronomic flavours, products of the skill of its people and the diversity of the Carpathian arc. Over time, the region’s inhabitants, its terroir, and the influence of neighbouring peoples, have all contributed to its...

Zada | Romanian Cheesemakers


Horodnic de Jos, Suceava County

Honest cheese from Bukovina It is said that there is no area richer in folkloric traditions and events than Bukovina, the homeland of monasteries and cream. Did you know that (sour) cream is added to almost all of the local delicacies? We’ve learned this in over ten years of...

La Colline, Goat cheese | Romanian Cheesemakers

La Colline, Goat cheese

Feleacu, Cluj County

Goat’s cheese based on a French recipe It was about five years ago, when I was serving a goat’s cheese bruschetta for a tasting, that someone suggested I put honey on it and pair it with a Sauvignon Blanc. While for many that’s a classic pairing, for me it was a...

De la Ferma | Romanian Cheesemakers

De la Ferma

Unirea, Alba County

Branza de burduf (bellows cheese) with humanity Branza de burduf is a flagship Romanian cheese, mentioned in numerous texts since the 14th century. It was produced for the first time in sheepfolds in mountain areas, made from sheep's milk and matured in bellows and other ways. Today,...

Five Continent, Horezu cheese | Romanian Cheesemakers

Five Continent, Horezu cheese

Horezu, Valcea County

Horezu cheese and Valcean soil, where ceramics are made Sheep's milk has many nutritional benefits, which are also found in cheese. If you need further persuading, start with Horezu cheese, produced in the town of Horezu, Valcea county, which is famous for its ceramics. Milk has been...

Hochland - Atelier, Salt mine matured cheese | Romanian Cheesemakers

Hochland - Atelier, Salt mine matured cheese

Sovata, Mures County

The Atelier range is a soul project for Hochland Romania, born from the desire to bring artisanal products to the market, whose splendid taste can enhance the special moments of our lives. The name Atelier (Artisanal) was chosen to convey the best of the cheeses in this range. To...

Manufactura de Branza | Romanian Cheesemakers

Manufactura de Branza

Cund, Mures County

Whether you’re after a simple family snack, a tasting at a special event, or an ingredient suited to various dishes, cheese made by Cund-based Manufactura de Brânză (Cheese Maker) will fit the bill. Cheese made here, in the heart of Transylvania, an hour from Târgu...

Asociatia Curtea Culorilor | Romanian Cheesemakers

Asociatia Curtea Culorilor

Sarbova, Timis County

…for the love of people and the earth Those who do good attract the world’s attention without meaning to. We’re referring to the good we can do in society through love of people and the earth. Some 34 km from the city of Timisoara, in the village of Sarbova,...

Tinutul Calimanilor | Romanian Cheesemakers

Tinutul Calimanilor

Saru Dornei, Suceava County

Whether matured or fresh, cheese production is an art form. As with all crafts, many practitioners have dedicated their careers to perfecting it, while others, passionate about their work, want to enjoy and pass on their vocation to future generations. Both for local cheese, and varieties...





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